There’s a world full of people waiting to discover your brand on TikTok, and it’s never been easier to connect with our global community. TikTok’s playful, casual vibe feels exciting and spontaneous. Any post can go viral, and every moment is a new chance to spark joy as you can see in Tiktok Ads Manager article

Creativity is key—and brands that join the fun will discover new opportunities to make an impact with their audience. It all starts with TikTok Ads Manager, which we’ve designed to be straightforward, easy to use, and most of all: effective. In this Tiktok Ads Manager post We want to make the process as simple as possible so that brands can become part of the TikTok community and start seeing results.

Why advertise with TikTok Ads Manager?

  🌎 Worldwide reach. TikTok has been one of the world’s most downloaded apps in recent years, and you’ll find TikTok users in more than 150 countries.
💬. Effective engagement. TikTok’s fun, imaginative format inspires widespread participation and generates high levels of engagement.
🎨. Creative ad formats & tools. We make it easy to unleash your creative side with a variety of ad formats and templates. You’ll also find user-friendly tools for easily transforming your images and videos into engaging ads. No need to be a pro editor!
📌  Precise targeting. You can connect with potential customers by targeting your audience by gender, location, age, interests, and other unique variables.
🔍  Transparent tracking. Monitoring your ad’s performance is a breeze with detailed data and customized reports. We’ve partnered with trustworthy, third-party tracking companies to help track your ad conversions, users’ in-app actions, impressions, and click attribution data. You’ll be able to see exactly where your marketing budget is going.

Which brands should use TikTok advertising?

In this Tiktok Ads Manager article you well see a wide range of brands advertise on TikTok—Chipotle, Guess and Fenty Beauty, for example. What these brands have in common is that their products are a natural fit for TikTok’s video format.TikTok advertisers can show their products in action and pack a lot of information into a short video clip. While this format may be challenging for B2B brands that sell difficult-to-illustrate services, it’s ideal for B2C brands that want to move away from static ads and share engaging content.

Types of TikTok ads

TikTok provides you with plenty of options to advertise on the platform. So you can choose what will be most effective in reaching your target audience and getting your message across. Here are the different types of ads you can run with the TikTok ads platform:

  • In-feed video
  • These are ads that appear among the native news feed of TikTok users on the “For You” page.
  • Brand takeover – 
  • This type of ad allows you to dominate the conversation as your message takes over the whole screen for a few seconds. It then turns into an in-feed video ad.
  • Spark ads – 
  • TikTok rolled out this ad type in 2021, giving brands the ability to sponsor popular organic content that relates to their products.
  • Image ads –
  •  Brands can place image ads in videos that appear via TikTok’s news feed apps: BuzzVideo, TopBuzz and Babe.
  • Video ads – 
  • These ads are full-screen videos of 5 to 60 seconds that appear in a user’s “For You” feed.
  • Pangle ads –
  •  Pandle’s video platform integrates with TikTok to offer video, native and banner ads, but this feature is available to only specific countries.
  • Carousel ads – 
  • These ads include up to 10 images and appear in TikTok’s news feed apps.
  • Branded AR content – Your ads can also appear as branded stickers, lenses and other types of AR content so TikTok users can use them in their videos.
  • Hashtag challenge – This type of ad shows up in the “Discovery” section of the app and can encourage user participation.
  • Sponsored influencer content – For this type of TikTok advertisement, you get your message across through sponsored content from an influential TikTok user

How much do TikTok ads cost?

TikTok closely guards its pricing algorithm, which is based on a bid model. At a minimum, campaign-level budgets should be $50/daily, and ad group level budgets must be $20/daily.

7 examples of TikTok advertising done right

Besides learning the basics, it’s just as important to see how other brands are using TikTok ads. This will give you a few ideas on how to run your own campaign. Check out these four examples of brands that launched brilliant advertising campaigns on TikTok:

1. Chipotle

Chipotle has been dominating the TikTok platform with fun and creative video content. It also nailed their influencer advertising campaign to promote their annual “Boorito” offer for Halloween. The brand roped in top influencers known for their creativity such as Brittany Broski and Zach King.

2. Kroger

Kroger was among the first companies to test out the TikTok “Hashtag Challenge Plus” feature. This allowed TikTok users to shop directly on the app for Kroger products tagged with the campaign hashtag. This not only encouraged user participation and brand visibility but also enhanced user experience by providing a smooth shopping functionality.

3. Experian

Experian launched an in-feed TikTok ad that’s straightforward and easy to understand. It showed a simple text conversation between two friends to highlight the benefits of Experian Boost for your credit score. It also came complete with a “Download” button. Everything about this ad is great because it puts directness and simplicity at the center.


(International House of Pancakes) used TikTok ads to target millennials and generate buzz about its limited-time offers. It temporarily rebranded as the “International Haunted House of Pancakes” for its Halloween 2021 campaign, promoting “Scary Face” pancakes and other spooky menu items.

The campaign reached more than 33 million users, and IHOP used behavior targeting to find the right audience. The result was a CPM that was 26% lower than TikTok’s national average.

5. Partymachines

Partymachines began using TikTok marketing in 2019 to expand its reach and generate more B2B sales of its foam-generating machines. (Entrepreneurs who buy the machines can then lease them to local customers.).One of the company’s initiatives was to use Spark Ads to find popular content featuring their product. In at least one video, the company added a voiceover about their product and invited users to comment about how they would use a Partymachine. Thanks to Shopify integration, TikTok users could click on the video, land on the Partymachines website and buy the product

The Spark Ads campaign increased website traffic from TikTok by 620%. And by using existing content, Partymachines kept their advertisting costs low—just 10 cents per click.

6. eBay

Online marketplace eBay is a go-to destination for sneaker enthusiasts, so it launched a TikTok campaign to drive engagement with that audience. Using three different Spark Ads with Voting Sticker overlays, eBay’s “Sneaker Showdown” campaign invited users to pick the winning shoes in a bracket-style tournament.

The campaign—which coincided with the NCAA basketball tournament— resulted in a 54% increase in eBay’s comment rate, and 1.2 million users participated in the poll.

7. Kooapps

Kooapps wanted to increase awareness of its mobile game “” and drive installs in the United States. It found two TikTok users who had created content showing how the game is played and partnered with them to produce Spark Ads.

Within two weeks of launching the campaign, app installs increased by 67% among US users.

Winning at TikTok advertising

TikTok advertising may feel completely different from the other social platforms you’re advertising on. But once you understand how to run ads on TikTok, you could see impressive results for your business. Put directness and simplicity front and center so you can easily get your message across to the app’s wide-ranging and fast-moving audience.

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